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1:1 mentoring/coaching package:
£45 p/h  on-line  £55 p/h face to face
Unwaged/low income:
p/h on-line   £45 p/h face to face
Small group mentoring/coaching package: (2 - 4 family/friends)
£30 p/person for on-line small group support.
Unwaged/low income:
£20 p/person.


Young People &
Uni Students

1:1 Build up, ADHD management or Learning Confidence booster packages:
£45 p/h on-line £55 p/h face to face.
Parent/carers alone 3 session on-line package: £130
*I donate 1 free 6 - session package to a less advantaged young person in need, contact me for availability as I work for free with one young person at a time.*

1:1 mentoring/coaching package for confidence/ADHD/advocacy:
£45 p/p on-line   £55 face to face
Group work mentoring/coaching package for confidence/ADHD/advocacy:
£150 p/group session up to 8

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