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Hello wonderful

woman feeling trapped

I look forward to listening & chatting about what's going on for you in a warm, friendly and supportive way.


- you're feeling stuck,

- feeling confused and needing some clarity

- feeling niggly and maybe a bit resentful

- your confidence has taken a knocking,

- you don't feel able to be yourself or feel clear on who that is

- you suspect you have or are diagnosed with ADHD and need to work it all out

- you want to move forwards in your life in a way where you can flourish and feel stronger

Give me a shout for an initial free chat around 1:1 support.


-if you've got a friend or family member in a bit of a rut, or a friend or family member where communication has got tricky and they would benefit from support and would feel more comfortable if you came with them. 

Give me a shout for an intial free chat around small group support.

women chatting
young person feeling overwhelmed

Why choose me?

I've always been keen to support women, I believe that we need to lift each other up and make a better world.

Family wise; I've been a teenage parent, a single parent, a step parent, a grandmother, a divorcee, someone with a together-apart marriage, a woman with late diagnosed ADHD, the mother of a young person with ADHD.

Work wise; I've been a public sector worker, a charity sector worker, employed and self employed, both traditional office based and community based jobs. I've worked full time and part time.

Emotionally and socially; I have lived with low mood, anxiety and low resilience. I've been the cowering wallflower and the party animal. I've walked tall and steady and I've regularly stumbled - I get it.

I will stand alongside you, listen and explore with you and together we can find a way to enhance you and help you feel settled and aligned.

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