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Hello and welcome to Pick Your Own (PYO).


I am Elizabeth and I provide warm, friendly and gentle 1:1 and small group mentoring and coaching to women, teens and young adults.

I provide coaching & mentoring for;

1.  Women feeling  stuck, wanting clarity, resolution and to feel able to pick their own path and move through life with more confidence and alignment with their values.

2. A couple or small family or friendship group who've lost their strong connection and would like to tighten that knot .

3. Young people (15-25) who are feeling a bit lost, low, isolated, misunderstood and struggling to communicate . I support them to feel heard, valued & motivated, and to find a way forwards that works for them.

4. Coaching & mentoring plus reigniting learning confidence and enthusiasm for young people by working towards a certificate on a short AQA accredited topic that floats their boat with an approach that specifically works for them.

5. Support for Uni students, including neurodiverse young people, to manage and thrive.

6. Support for parents & carers to reconnect with their young people. 

7. 1:1 ADHD self knowledge, acceptance and growth support for women with suspected or diagnosed ADHD.

8. 1:1 ADHD self knowledge, acceptance, growth and advocacy support for young people with suspected or diagnosed ADHD.

9. Facilitated group support offering psychoeducation and peer support around ADHD and neurodiversity for young people in schools, colleges, universities and youth groups.

10. Facilitated group support offering psychoeducation and peer support around ADHD and neurodiversity for women in work, friendship and leisure groups.

It is a blend of mentoring and coaching;
Mentoring shares knowledge, skills and experience, to help you develop and grow.
Coaching provides guidance around goals and helps you reach your potential.

Whether you want support on your own, with friends, with family, whether you're a parent/carer or a professional, click the appropriate tab above for more information. Drop me a text or an email and I'll set up an intial free chat and you can find out more and decide if it's for you. 

I look forward to hearing from you.

Picture of Elizabeth

Want to be properly listened to and understood?
Want to thrive not just survive?
Want help to really think about your best hopes?

Want to move forwards with a renewed confidence?
Want to live a life that aligns with who you are?
Want time and space to explore your true self?

Pick Your Own type of support- entirely online, occasional face to face; out with the dog, over a coffee, on the beach, in your home ...



You’re the only person I’ve felt comfortable talking to. I don’t like therapy. You help me think about solutions.

Get in touch in any way that feels comfortable for you.

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